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Discover step-by-step instructions and creative ideas for making your own candles at home. Get inspired to create beautiful and unique candles with this DIY candle making guide.
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Are you wondering how to make candles to sell? And the candles that sells? Candles are cheap and simple to produce. Anyone who knows how to combine basic components can create candles for their house or place of business. Learning to create candles is a talent that may be turned into a reliable source of

Sonya Smith
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Have you ever seen radiant, transparent container candles with or without embedded objects? If yes, it means you have probably seen a gel candle. Gel candles are beautiful to behold and easy to make. They are made with gel wax, a relatively new kind of wax. In fact, gel wax is not exactly a wax. It is rather a mixture of mineral oil from paraffin and poly resins. The fact that it is gotten from paraffin means gel candles emit air pollutants and so are not eco-friendly. But there is no need…

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