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Teaching isn’t just a way to communicate ideas. The act of teaching generates new ideas in the mind of the teacher. Teaching is thinking. Teaching is learning. Feynman Diagrams, Feynman Technique, Studie Hacks, Exam Study Tips, Study Tips For Students, Richard Feynman, Effective Study Tips, Study Techniques, Student Life Hacks

Feynman's Hack and the Map of the Cat - Safal Niveshak

Richard Feynman, a celebrated scientist and the winner of Nobel prize in Theoretical Physics, was infamous for barging into any classroom (unrelated to Physics) in his university. He would then ask questions and make his fellow professors uncomfortable. One day Feynman decided to attend a Biology class. Being aware of Feynman’s history of mischief, the […]

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The Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything | Into the Driver's Seat

There are four simple steps to the Feynman Technique, which I'll explain below: Choose a Concept Teach it to a Toddler Identify Gaps and Go Back to The Source Material Review and Simplify (optional) *** If you're not learning you're standing still. So what's the best way to learn new subjects and identify gaps in our existing knowledge?

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