Human skin texture

Bring your artwork to life with realistic human skin texture. Discover top techniques and tools to create stunning and lifelike skin textures for your digital paintings and 3D models.
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This is a new list with free to use skin and leather textures that you must add to your collection. Inside you will find human skin textures some of them are seamless tiling textures that means you can use them as patterns in Photoshop. We also included some animal leather skin and fur textures from different animals like reptiles, felines and other wild mammals(elephant, giraffe, zebra, etc). Hope you will find this collection useful enough and interesting enough to bookmark it.

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I've had many requests for skin textures in the last couple of months, so it's about time I release a set 😉 Rachelmhahn commented last week that there are *too* many grunge textures out there, which is probably true. So, I have some pretty cool non-grungy texture packs coming your way in the next few...

Catalina Bastidas