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Experience the power of hymn music that touches the depths of your soul. Enhance your worship with our top hymn music ideas and elevate your spiritual journey.
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Heavenly Voice Singing ‘Hallelujah’ Wins Emotional Teen Golden Buzzer - Variety Show

'Hallelujah' is a song that calls for a lot from an artist in order to be noticed. Here on the stage of Britain's Got Talent, and a nervous, emotional Kyle Watson steps forward to take on the big challenge of this song. With all onlooking, he started to sing, getting better and better as the

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Barbershop Quartet Performs Soulful Rendition of ‘It Is Well With My Soul’

Sometimes, we all need a reminder of why peace is necessary in the world. A talented barbershop quartet, Joker's Wild, performs the classic hymn 'It is Well with My Soul," to remind us of our peaceful connection with the world. This hymn was written by Horatio Spafford after he lost all four of his daughters

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6 Men Sing ‘Amazing Grace’ In A Tranquil Church – But This Rendition Is Like Nothing I’ve Heard Before

'Home Free' and Peter Hollens Unite For A Soaring Acapella Performance Famed acapella singer Peter Hollens is versatile enough to tackle secular songs and musical scores as well as religious hymns, all while looking like he is having the time of his life. Hollens first gained notice as a student at the University of Oregon,

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4 Men Flawlessly Perform Rendition of "I’ll Fly Away" Giving It a New Sound

Hymns have been around for decades as a form of worship for many. Others consider these old songs a beautiful tune to sing with their loved ones. When the three men of the band Gentri come together to sing "I'll Fly Away," it will leave you breathless. With lyrics like "I'll fly away, Oh Glory.

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If you’re an American should watch this because it will send shivers down your spine

You’ll recognize the melody when you hear it belted out by this choir. The Battle Hymn of the Republic began life as a simple marching tune with less than serious lyrics. The original title was John Brown’s Body and the words were irreverent, comical, and to some people, unsettling. Julia Ward Howe found the melody

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It's the Most Popular Hymn of All Time, but You've Never Heard It Performed Like This. Chills

Everyone has heard this hymn before, I assure you. Even if you may not consider yourself to be a regular church-goer, you'll still recognize this classic hymn. But you've never heard it performed like this before. Over 1,000 people came together to create an astounding audio-visual spectacle that will take your breath away. Thousand hours went

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Irish priest brings Simon to tears with soulful rendition of ‘Everybody Hurts’

Now when you think you’ve seen everything. Here is a performance with a humble background that completely knocks it out of the park. Meet Father Ray Kelly who showcases his God-given gift on Britain’s Got Talent. This is something you have to see and hear to appreciate. Father Kelly has quickly gone viral thanks to

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He Sings Alone In An Empty Church – But Who Joins Him Left Me Completely Awestruck

Peter Hollens is no stranger to performing. From the time he was in college in 1999 when he sang in an a cappella group, to his involvement in NBC's “The Sing Off” and now to the YouTube videos he now shares, his competency shines through. His talent is so appreciated that is understandable that he

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