Hyperrealism paintings

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of hyperrealism paintings. Explore top artists and their masterpieces that blur the line between reality and art. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of hyperrealism today.
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Since the ancient Greeks, realism has been aspired by Western art lovers, but during the late 1960s and '70s the popularity of highly-realistic drawings reached its peak. Thus, Photorealism and Hyperrealism were born. These perspective drawing genres are still popular, and some artists master their technique so successfully that it becomes hard to tell an oil painting or a pencil drawing from a photograph. Bored Panda collected some of the best examples of this cool art and made a stunning…

Jill Dunham
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It takes a special gift to be able to paint artwork with such precision that viewers start second-guessing their eyesight. Kamalky Laureano is undoubtedly one of those utterly talented artists whose beautiful paintings are easily confused with real high-resolution photographs. This Mexico City-based artist from the Dominican Republic puts so much attention into details, like freckles, pores, and skin texture that it’s hard to believe it’s, in fact, paint on canvas. It feels as if you can…

Marisol Abarca
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Elena Esina is a proud mother and artist. Her daughter, Isabella Brazhnikova, showed that she was a prodigy when she was only four years old. Elena started off teaching her daughter the basics. Her daughter showed great mastery of what she taught her, and used only basic materials. Elena wondered what Isabella could do with

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