I'm happy for you

Learn how to genuinely express your happiness for others and strengthen your relationships. Discover simple ways to celebrate their successes and share in their joy.
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When I have big events coming up, like a birthday party or a girl's weekend road trip or a vacation, I get so excited in the days leading up to that event that I feel like I may explode. Then when the actual event arrives, I find myself getting sadder and sadder for every hour that ticks off the clock. I spend the entire day/weekend/week thinking about how much time I have left with my friends, how much longer I have left at this party, how many days until I have to leave the beach or leave…

Pranav Nayak
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Found this quote the other day and I really liked it. Yeah it’s cheesy and cutesy, as well as simple and thought-provoking. Bittersweet decisions Throughout the past years I’ve come to know what’s most important in life. (Maybe it’s the selflessness I had to learn going into marriage, or maybe it’s just maturity? haha) It’s a bittersweet answer for me when I ask myself questions about the things I’m currently doing in my life.

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