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Learn how to achieve the perfect color balance in your photos with these expert tips. Enhance the visual appeal of your images and create stunning compositions with balanced colors.
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Color Palette #3901

Strict color palette. But it can be an interesting solution in your bathroom. The midnight blue color sharply turns into shades of gray - blue, which conveys the depth of the deep sea. The addition of black emphasizes the smooth transitions from colder to warmer colors. Adding a bright orange to the blue color scheme will add zest and warmth to your interior.

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Color Palette #1966

Cold beauty of this palette fascinates. The harmonious combination of colors sets for a romantic mood. This combination of colors can easily be selected for the spring dress of a young girl and for the interior of a bedroom. People who love traditional but not the standard color solutions will appreciate the play of colors.

Sudharshan Kr
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Color Palette #4172

This palette is nothing more than a classic of the twenty-first century, soothing and aesthetic. Shades of gray, brown, warm yellow create the warmest and cozy combination of colors that will look great both for creating scenery for photography and for creating your own style of clothing. Especially such paints will look authentic in autumn, ideally blending in with their warmth into the overall cool atmosphere. Photo by Tanya Trukyr on Unsplash.

In Color Balance
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Color Palette #2595

Elegant, noble color gamma in warm colors. It becomes comfortable, warm and protected in one’s soul. Effective combination of burgundy shades of brown and yellow ochre colors. Such a combination has a complete feeling of completeness. In interior this palette will be perfect to design living room, kitchen, dining room. Natural colors only mark irreproachable taste.

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Color Palette #3697

Bright spectacular palette, a real fireworks of colors. Against the background of white and dark brown, pale blue, scarlet and cherry become even more expressive. Hot shades of red add a healthy expression to the palette, blue - freshness. This composition can be used to create an original Empire style living room interior.

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Art Blog Hop

Hello everyone! Today's my turn with the Art with Fabric Blog Hop. The hop is hosted by Alida from Tweety Loves Quilting - you can go to her site to see all the amazing art created by those who joined in. Our brief was - to make a quilt or fabric/fiber object inspired by a specific piece of art. The theme is: My favourite colour. I chose Greens as my favourite colour and then more specifically - Turquoise. The pinks just seemed to add a little punch, so why not.... This time around I chose…

Smrutirekha Guru
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Color Palette #3295

In a demi-season wardrobe, things of green, brown and beige colors are simply necessary: they are non-marking and perfectly in harmony with the nature around in both spring and autumn. A combination of 2-3 colors is considered optimal for such images, excessive diversity does not adorn anyone. A short green coat and brown boots, a military-style coat in khaki plus skinny beige trousers combined with accessories in dull shades are a classic of the casual style. Such things, which is…

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