Indoor topiary

Transform your indoor space into a lush oasis with these stunning indoor topiary ideas. Discover how to add a touch of elegance and nature to your home.
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i like to think that i have a green thumb. however keeping plants alive indoors is a different thing. i suck at it. i forget to water them. mother nature helps me out with that when plants are outdoors. regardless of the numerous plant murders i have committed over the years i still buy obsessive amounts of topiaries each spring. and they usually live for like a month before i either forget about them or leave for an extended period of time. not this year! my two small topiaries are going…

Bonnie Wilson
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Boxwood Topiary DIY Materials: string scissors clippers bamboo stakes boxwood plant (make sure it’s mostly growing vertically) soil, pot moss (optional) Step 1: Start by inserting the boxwood plant into your pot and pack it with dirt. Step 2: Clip off the branches from the base of the trunk. Decide how much top bush you’d […]

Pam Frey
How a single picture started topiary-mania.... - The Enchanted Home Gardening, Diy, Ideas, Design, Primitive, Home, Boxwood Balls, Boxwood, Boxwood Topiary

Hi there, I saw a picture last week on Instagram that triggered a bit of an obsessive compulsion to find something………myrtle topiaries. I can thank (or not) Loi from Tone? on Tone as being the culprit behind this unexpected case of topiary-mania and yes that is a word (at least as of today). So here …

J. Kevin Baker
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Beloved for their elegant yet whimsical charm, nothing signals the transition into spring quite like topiaries. Given the season’s unpredictable temperature fluctuations, their ability to thrive both indoors and out makes topiaries an even better fit for this time of year.“The fact that you can grow them indoors and have a little piece of nature inside is really special,” says Loi Thai, founder of Tone on Tone, a Maryland-based residential interior and landscape design firm.These verdant…

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