Infidelity recovery

Discover effective strategies for recovering from infidelity and rebuilding trust in your relationship. Find support, guidance, and inspiration to heal and create a stronger bond with your partner.
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Infidelity can be devastating to the betrayed partner. It can put a betrayed partner in a total state of disorientation after infidelity has occurred The person you trust and have opened your heart to has been with another person in an intimate way. At first, it may feel almost

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"My husband discovered my affair 2 weeks ago and we've been talking about it every day since. I think things are getting better, but he keeps asking harder and harder questions. He really wants to know sexual details. What questions should I answer about my affair? Should I answer anything he asks?" - Shannon, Washingt

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Surviving infidelity in relationships isn't always the easiest thing to do, but healing and fixing your broken marriage without marriage counseling is still possible when dealing with a cheating spouse.

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