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Discover valuable insights about your Instagram performance and optimize your strategy to grow your reach and engagement. Learn how to leverage data to make informed decisions and drive success on Instagram.
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Oh Instagram. Love it or hate it it’s here to stay. Even THAT bloody algorithm. When I first began blogging in June 2017 one the of the first things I did was to switch my Instagram account over to a ‘business account’. Having a business account gives brands and bloggers / content creators / Influencers (what ever you want to call yourself) a number of features not available on a personal account. This relatively new feature known as ‘Insights‘ gives you access to in-app metrics such as the…

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Instagram is a great place for people to promote their work, grow a following, and draw people to their online portfolio or store. Yet, to completely benefit from Instagram, you have to figure out how to utilize Instagram insights. Data as, the quantity of profile and Instagram stories views, likes, and follows you get will help you understand your audience and how your posts perform. To help you in understanding better I created a Instagram Planner where you have a checklist of things to do…

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