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The 4th W Club doll of the year is Redefined Luxury Kyori Sato! — Fashion Doll Chronicles Fashion Dolls, Fashion, Dolls, Gowns, Couture, Clothes, Barbie, Outfits, Barbie Girl

The 4th W Club Exclusive doll of the 2023 membership year was eagerly expected by members, as we had been tipped by Carol Roth that the doll would be a love letter to collectors and be something really exquisite. And, lo and behold, it's not just a love letter to collectors, it harkens back to the l

Dorothy Angelone
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We knew there were new basic edition dolls coming from Integrity Toys since last year, and here they are at last. They were unveiled to club members last Friday and come from various Integrity Toys brands and designers. And guess what? Not only they are now available for purchase, they ship right af

Fernanda Oliva
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October is the month of the 2017 Integrity Toys convention and of course I will be posting all dolls and information as they become available. First up is the official convention collection, which attendees could either preorder sight unseen with their registration or buy at the convention in the so

True is the name of the rebranded Industry line from Integrity Toys: Tulabelle is here once again — Fashion Doll Chronicles Toys, Inspiration, Ideas, Fashion Dolls, Dolls, Integrity Dolls, Doll Dress, Collectible Dolls, New Dolls

The official Integrity Toys Tulabelle True Instagram page was the vehicle for presenting to the public the rebranded Industry line, now named TRUE Collection. To showcase the rebranding, "Trending" Tulabelle True, a new doll with the 2.0 Tulabelle sculpt was presented, designed by IT Desig

Ineffable Daydreams