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From Complementary to Monochromatic: Exploring the World of Color Harmonies - The Paper Mill Blog

So far in our ongoing series about Color Theory, we’ve introduced you to the color wheel, warm and cool colors, active and passive colors, and additive and subtractive colors. Now that you have a good understanding of the different types of colors, we can turn our attention to how to…

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The Chromatic circle

The Chromatic Circle: The Chromatic circle of colours is a theory based on the mixture of colour substances. For a Makeup Artist, the comprehension of this theory is KEY in order to create simple mixtures. The better you understand this theory, the better the makeup artist you are. The centre of this circle is composed of our three "primary colours". These are the purest of colours - pure because they have not gone through any mixes. Blue, yellow and red. (I know i'm repeating myself here…

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Finally, COLOR EXPLAINED by an expert in a way that everyone can understand

Creating Color HarmonyPutting together harmonious color combinations begins with understanding how we see colors and the relationships of each hue to one another.

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Color for Flappers: 1928 Color Harmony

How was color theory, or harmony used in vintage fashion? During the flapper era in 1928, this charming booklet was published to show women how to select personal colors based on their hair and skin tones. This booklet has several wonderful color illustrations to show exactly what fashion colors a girl should choose to look her best. This color wheel is the reverse side of that page shown above. By turning the color wheel, various dress colors appear in that illustration. Here on the back…

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