International style

Discover the history and principles of the international style in architecture. Find inspiration and ideas to incorporate this modern and minimalist design into your own projects.

above: Hooper House by Marcel Breuer featured in Dwell INTERNATIONAL STYLE The world was shocked by the simple, industrial style that came out of the Bauhaus design school in the 1930s. Coming fresh off the heals of the arts and crafts movement where simplicity and craftsmanship were key, designers in the modern German design school believed…

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House of the Day: Maison Guiette by Le Corbusier Architecture, Bauhaus, Corbusier Architecture, Arquitetura, Interior Architecture, Interior Architecture Design, Le Corbusier Architecture, Corbusier, Architecture House

Built in Antwerp in 1927, Guiette House is perhaps one of Le Corbusier’s least well-known works. It is an early example of the International Style and was originally designed as the home and studio of painter René Guiette. The large windows at the top of the front […]