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Uncover the mythical world of Japanese monsters and learn about their captivating legends. Explore the fearsome creatures from Japanese folklore and immerse yourself in their intriguing tales.
Rokurokubi: a type of Japanese yōkai with an extendible neck. They perform bad deeds such as attacking at night and drinking their victims' blood. Japanese Mythical Creatures, Japanese Urban Legends, Japanese Yokai, Japanese Myth, Japanese Legends, Myths & Monsters, Japanese Art Styles, Floating Head, Japanese Monster

When you take a look into Japan's traditional culture, it's completely natural that Halloween has taken hold in Japan. Here is a Halloween inspired post, covering some common Japanese monsters you might encounter while absorbing the culture.

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岩魚坊主 いわなぼうず Translation: char priest Habitat: mountain streams Diet: carnivorous Appearance: Iwana bōzu are enormous iwana (char, Salvelinus leucomaenis), a kind of river fish, that have turned into yōkai. They walk upright on two legs like humans and dress in Buddhist priest robes. They are found by mountain streams where people fish for iwana and

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The 13 Scariest Japanese Stories Starring Ghosts, Ghouls and Freaky Folklore | FluentU Japanese Scary Japanese Art, Scary Face Tattoo, Scary Statues, Scary Japanese, Horror Japanese, Unsettling Art, Ghost Woman, Japanese Mythical Creatures, Scariest Monsters

Japanese scary stories are arguably some of the most frightening around the globe. Whether you're just getting into Japanese horror stories or you want more beyond the spine-chilling "Ringu" (リング) and "Ju-On" (呪怨) films, dive into these weird and spooky tales that will surely keep you up at night.

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