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Discover the amazing world of jellyfish with these fascinating facts. Learn about their unique characteristics and behaviors, and explore the diverse species that inhabit our oceans. Dive into the captivating world of jellyfish today!
Great freebie! Informational text written on 3 different levels- the differentiation is done for you! Includes close reading questions, writing prompts &more! Facts About Jellyfish, Jellyfish Facts, Reading Questions, Animal Report, Montessori Teaching, Animal Studies, Ocean Unit, Reading Street, Classroom Freebies

Hello Readers, This is Marcie from Sunny and Bright in First Grade. I am back with another differentiated close reading unit for you today! I hope you and your students will enjoy my Jellyfish Close Reading Mini Unit! This is a great, informational text based on jellyfish. It is written on three different levels of text and vocabulary complexity. I have done all the differentiation for you! Close reading questions, writing prompts, and graphic organizers are also included. This is the…

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Learn more about these ancient drifters of the sea! Jellies have been around for hundreds of millions of years—since before dinosaurs roamed the earth. They’re members of the phylum cnidaria, pronounced NYE-daria, from the Greek word for “stinging nettle.” This group of invertebrates is made up of animals that have stinging capsules in the tentacles […]

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