Jet lag

Discover effective strategies to beat jet lag and minimize its impact on your energy levels. Get tips on adjusting to different time zones and stay energized throughout your travels.
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Jet lag comes from your body's internal clock, or circadian rhythm, being in sync with your original time zone. Our ancestors didn't have airplanes, so it's a relatively new phenomenon due to the "unnatural" state of your body traveling faster than your body's rhythm can adjust. There's good news: it's temporary, but more than that, it's preventable! Follow this guide to get ahead of jet lag before it even starts. | Jet Lag Remedies | Safety Tips | Jet Lag Symptoms | Travel Advice | Travel…

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The Mayo Clinic defines jet lag as "a temporary sleep problem that can affect anyone who quickly travels across multiple time zones." As a frequent traveler myself I know just how hard it is to get over jet lag. But, after years of travel I've developed a few jet lag tips and tricks to help you avoid jet lag or recover from jet lag even quicker.

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Flights can be fun. You can gaze at the 'Grammable clouds and stunning sunset right outside your window, watch that movie you've been meaning to see, and snack on those tasty cookies the flight attendants hand out. (Seriously, why are they so good?)…

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