Jewelry tree

Organize and display your jewelry collection with these beautiful and functional jewelry tree ideas. Find the perfect jewelry tree that suits your style and keeps your accessories tangle-free.
Making art from broken vintage costume jewelry - Denise & I share our tips - Retro Renovation Diy Vintage, Vintage Jewelry Ideas, Vintage Tree, Vintage Jewellery, Vintage Jewelry Displays, Vintage Jewelry Repurposed, Retro Jewelry, Wedding Vintage, Hippie Jewelry

Making gorgeous one-of-a-kind works of art from broken, vintage costume jewelry is not "difficult" -- but it requires a lot of patience -- a lot of jewelry -- an artful eye -- and the appropriate adhesives.

Christine Hinners
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I do volunteer work for the Salvation Army and we get tons of earrings and so many do not have matches. Does anyone have any ideas on crafts that we could do to repurpose the earrings? I am attaching a photo of a gallon ziplock bag and this is just the gold tone earrings.

Jacqui Berry