Jungkook 2016

Relive the incredible journey of Jungkook in 2016, from his outstanding performances to his remarkable achievements. Discover the highlights of this talented artist's year and be inspired by his dedication and passion.
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After the death of your father, you are forced to move from your home in Canada to Seoul to live with your uptight mother. You are probably one of the most caring people out there but you come off as strong headed. It doesn't help that you have tattoos, something you wouldn't see on the average Korean teen. So you have troubles convincing people you aren't a trouble maker. You not only have it hard at home with your cold mother and rich stepfather, but at school as well. Your look and…

Cassandra Holt
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Jeon Jungkook is a 19 year old, third year student at Seoul High when it was the start of a new school year. Last year, he fell in love at first sight with a cute boy named Park Jimin. Jungkook was a second year when he laid eyes on Jimin who was a first year at that time. Since then, Jungkook couldn't remove his eyes from Jimin. He would be constantly searching for him everywhere in school no matter where he is, in hopes to see the cute boy's eye smile, his cute little face and hear his…

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MAIN: TAEKOOK/VKOOK LEAD: YoonMin, NamJin, HopeAmi Taehyung can be mistaken as a psycho but he's not. He's just unpredictable but definitely a rude, violent, guy. While Jungkook is a nosy one doing some dare in an abandoned house one night. Jungkook swore he would not want to hear the deep voice or to see those dark cold eyes from that night ever again. And Taehyung doesn't like getting interrupted while having fun.