Discover a variety of delicious and healthy kefir recipes to incorporate into your daily meals. From breakfast to dinner, find inspiration to enhance your culinary experience with the goodness of kefir.
So basically, Milk kefir is the drink, but Milk kefir grains are the “starter kit” that you use to produce the drink. Kefir originated from parts of Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. The name is derived from the Turkish word keyif, which means “feeling good” after eating. It can be made with Cows or goats Milk...........

Here at happy kombucha we tend for our Cultures by hand, grown by our culture care team who have been working with cultures and cultured food for many years. There is no scoby or Kefir machine just willing hands and lots of Love. We sing to them, we talk to them and we treat them as one of the Happykombucha family so

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