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Teach your kids responsibility and keep your home tidy with these fun and effective kids cleaning ideas. Discover how to make cleaning a game and involve your children in household chores.
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Ideas to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids - Inner Child Fun

It’s time for a little Spring cleaning, so why not make it fun? A special thank you to our friends at Melissa & Doug for sponsoring today’s quick parenting tips and creative play ideas. Here are some of our favorite ideas to make cleaning fun for kids! Get Creative with Pretend Play A simple way […]

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Make it easy for your pre-reader to clean her room with this free printable Uppfostra Barn, Disiplin Anak, Kids Routine Chart, Education Positive, Kids Schedule, Routine Chart, Kids Cleaning, Chore Chart Kids, Chores For Kids

Go Clean Your Room: Help for Young Kids - Forty Eighteen

Share this so you can find it later: Do you ever walk into a room you know you need to clean, take a look around, and get completely overwhelmed? You have no idea where to start or how to get organized, and you feel like you can’t possibly get it done. Right now I’m dreading read more

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9 Steps You Can Take to Talk to Your Children Like Mr. Rogers Did Toys Clipart, Book Illustration Design, Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations, Islamic Kids Activities, Preschool Colors, Kids Cleaning, Islam For Kids, Cleaning Toys, Organization Kids

9 Steps You Can Take to Talk to Your Children Like Mr. Rogers Did

English, Swedish, German. No, Freddish. You heard it right. Freddish is a language, or rather the so-called set of rules on how to talk with children, developed by Fred Rogers. He created his TV show dedicated to preschool children and important aspects of their life and upbringing. He knew that children literally hear everything and, therefore, the way we talk to them is important.

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How to Deep Clean Your Floors

It’s Clean Your Floors Day! 🧹 Taking care of your floors can be a tedious chore, but it’s important for extending their longevity and your health. When it comes to cleaning your floors, there’s no one-size fits all method. This article will walk you through how to clean each type of flooring.

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