Kiwi pavlova

Indulge in the heavenly combination of crispy meringue, fluffy cream, and fresh kiwi with these mouthwatering kiwi pavlova recipes. Make your dessert extra special with a touch of tropical sweetness.
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This classic pavlova recipe with kiwi fruit and the history of Australia’s signature dessert comes courtesy of food writer Matt Preston, whose recently-released World of Flavour, The Recipes, Myths and Surprising Stories Behind the World’s Best-Loved Food is a cookbook as much as a myth-busting culinary history that sets the record straight: pavlova is Australian. Here’s Matt Preston’s easy pavlova recipe with kiwi fruit.

Amy Johnson
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There is ongoing rivalry between the Australians and New Zealanders as to who ‘owns’ the pavlova. Being an Aussie, I’d better stick to our story, where it is said that the chef of the hotel where Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova, was staying in 1935, created the dessert in her honor. He wanted something delicate and sweet, as she was, hence the soft meringue with its fragile crust and delicate cream and fruit filling. Regardless of its origins, this dish is iconic in both Australia and New…

Dina Lasry
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This classic pavlova recipe with zingy lemon curd and kiwi fruit is the ultimate Aussie Christmas Day dessert. This pavlova can also be served up at any other celebration or dining event. A pavlova is a great idea if your hosting to a large crowd.

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