Krumkake recipe

Learn how to make the perfect krumkake with this delicious recipe. Impress your friends and family with this traditional Scandinavian treat that will transport you to Norway.
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Krumkake Recipe (a Delicious Cardamom Cookie)

Krumkake are must on our Christmas cookie trays. This krumkake recipe make light, crispy, delicate, golden wafer cookies rolled into a traditional cone shape. These Scandinavian cookies are traditionally flavored with cardamom and vanilla, but can be made in many different flavors if you want to experiment.

Mary Borts
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Krumkaker Recipe

This is the Hagen family’s traditional recipe for krumkaker—these crispy and light wafers are a Christmas favorite, typically made in a cylinder or a cone shape. For an extra rich treat, fill them with whipped cream. If you do not have a krumkaker iron, a pizzelle or other wafer iron can also be used.

Insley Unger