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Explore a collection of creative landscape quilting ideas that will inspire you to create stunning nature-inspired quilts. Discover techniques, designs, and tips to bring your quilting projects to life.
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As the fall arrives and summer winds down, I find myself thinking about images that relax me. I just finished this art quilt in early September. It transports me back to quiet afternoons at Long Beach Island in NJ with my family or visits to the Outer Banks in NC. Beaches are universal. After creating Read the full article...

Euthymic Threads
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I had both of my Grandson's for the weekend. After they left today I went back to the studio to keep working on my pine needles. I fused the larger part of the each branch, quilt it, outline it and then stitch in the smaller branches in a variegated thread. When I have all the branches in I begin adding the needles with thread. It is a tedious process but the results are worth it. I keep my sketch of the short needle pine close by so I remember the layout of its branches. It is below zero…

coral wakeling
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Freestyle applique leaves you with a million raw edges. And then, when it’s time for machine quilting, you have to carefully stitch along the perimeter of each piece. Frankly, it cramps my “free” style. Today I’ll show you how to add a layer of nylon netting over your quilt top. It’ll hold everything in place so your stitch patterns can be wild and free. Click HERE to watch the vid!

Jan Ayotte