Learning board for kindergarten

Enhance your child's education with these interactive and fun learning board ideas. Discover top ideas to create a stimulating and educational environment for your kindergartener.
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One of the homeschool challenges I faced was figuring out how I was gonna teach my 3rd grader while also giving quality attention to our playful and active four-year-old. I found that including him during some portions of the lessons made things much easier. But how do I include a 4-year-old in 3rd-grade lessons? The answer for me was to invite him whenever we read and did history and science class. I realized that he seemed most interested in those lessons, and if he wasn't, he was free to…

AM Buendia
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Kids love to ask questions. Maybe you’ve barely poured your cup of coffee in the morning before getting peppered with questions like this: What day is it? What month is it? What’s it going to be like outside today? It’s adorable most days, and other days, well, it can be a bit much. I’ve started […]

Christina Cho
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As a former preschool teacher and nanny, I have used many different types of boards for circle time. When looking for a board for Elani, I was either underwhelmed by what the boards provided or overwhelmed by the prices! Also, Elani will be two soon so I did not need there to be a lot

Sherree Mullins
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Do you have a Focus Wall in your classroom? Do you know what a Focus Wall is? I used to think that nearly every primary teacher had one up in the classroom, because it just a basic teaching tool. However, I have come to realize lately that most teachers do not have one, and many have never heard of a Focus Wall at all!

Chrissy McNeil