Leftover fried chicken recipes

Don't let your leftover fried chicken go to waste! Discover creative and mouthwatering recipes that will transform your leftovers into a whole new meal. Try these recipes and make the most out of your fried chicken.
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What is the best way to reheat fried chicken? Put a piece of fried chicken in the microwave and you’re going to get a tough inedible piece of breading with hard chicken! OR you’ll get a soggy breading with dried out meat or it won’t be evenly cooked. You want that perfect crunch like […]

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Aside from vegetarians, who doesn't love hot, crispy and juicy chicken right out of the fryer? With Popeyes' newly opened Alberta locations in Edmonton’s Tamarack area and Calgary’s Forest Lawn neighbourhood, Albertans can now enjoy the bold Cajun flavours of Louisiana right at home. At Popeyes, its Bonafide chicken is marinated for 12 hours before being hand-battered and deep fried, and each batch is served fresh every 15 minutes.

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