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Used this for Safety week... The key to safety, the kids torn and glued the foil to the paper then we pasted a safety rule on it

Hannah and I made a tin foil key this afternoon as one of our K activities. Tin foil is fun to play with it crinkles, sounds strange, and is reflective. So it was no surprise that Hannah thought it was fun, not only that but this activity involved glue which is always a crowd pleaser. Glue, printout of a key (I found it here), and some cut up pieces of tin foil. Flip your paper upside down and cover with glue. Add your collage of tin foil. This was Hannah's favorite part. Hannah kept trying…

Stephanie O'Brien
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My four year old and I are continuing our "crafting our way through the alphabet" adventure. Last week, we had some fun with the letter K. We made a paper bag Kite, and we did a little letter K printing practice. To make a paper bag kite: 1) Use a hole punch to make four holes in the corners of the open end of the bag. Use reinforcements to make the bag a little stronger around the holes. 2) Cut two equal lengths of string, and tie each one through the holes (on the same side of the bag)…

Hailey Lynn