Levels of understanding

Enhance your knowledge with a comprehensive guide on the different levels of understanding. Explore the key concepts and strategies to deepen your understanding and improve your learning experience.
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Do you want your students to self-assess their learning? Do your students need a quick system for evaluating their knowledge? Do you want students to be able to tell you what they know more easily? CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD Math Exit Slips are designed to organize student work and assess student knowledge from Math lessons. This resource has 4 different ways to use Math Exit Slips. Levels of Understanding Posters are also included to review with students how to reflect upon their own learning…

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If you are living in a constant battle between tracking data and planning instruction...you know you’re not alone. Like most teachers, you are probably looking for ways to minimize the time you spend grading, and recording data so you can maximize your time planning and prepping. You’re in the right place.

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A change in a prompt can influence how a student responds thinks. A study found that using a problem-based curriculum can help students develop their own hypotheses and take risks — all signs of deeper-level learning.

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