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Explore the enchanting world of levitation photography and learn how to capture stunning floating moments. Discover inspiring ideas and techniques to create magical and gravity-defying images.
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1st class Steven Jones: brown hair, brown eyes, 6,2ft, 22. Has been a Marien since he was 18. He is the best sniper in his division. Lindsay Moore: Brown hair, blue eyes, 5,5ft, 20. Daughter of General Anthony Moore. Has always lived on Fort Benning in Goergia. Her mother died of cancer when she was 9. ON HOLD

Hannah Grier
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Every time I sit down to meditate, I feel like I am conducting an experiment—a human experiment; an experiential experiment; a spiritual experiment. I sit down on a cushion on the floor in Japanese pose---butt on my heels, hands on my knees, I close my eyes, and I practice going deeply within.