Lie to me once shame on you quotes

Explore a collection of inspiring quotes about trust and betrayal. Discover the wisdom of these words and reflect on the importance of honesty in relationships.
When ever I don't listen to it, something bad happens. Wisdom Quotes, Mindfulness, Wisdom, Life Quotes, Motivation, Wise Words, Trust Your Gut, Trust Yourself, Positive Quotes

I had someone I trusted implicitly once tell me I shouldn't trust my gut. He told me that my gut was always wrong. And I, like a fool, believed him. While he meant that I shouldn't trust it in certain areas, I, being the all or nothing girl I am, took it to the ultimate degree. I stopped trusting myself when it came to people, falling in love, my life choices, and my writing. I've been back in school for a bit over a week now. Let me tell you something amazing: by trusting my own gut, I'm…

Sarah Huto