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Help special education students develop essential life skills for a successful future. Explore top ideas to empower and support their growth in academics, communication, and daily living.
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Functional money skills are crucial to our life skills students independence. Read about the money skills I teach my life skills students.

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Who is prepping more work boxes this summer? I just love getting new ideas, especially for our older life skill students! Christina Bailey, a transition life skill teacher, offered to share a bunch of her work boxes on my blog! Thank you Christina! Christina works with transition aged students (19-26 years old) with severe cognitive and/or health impairments. Her school serves students from multiple school districts within the county who learn best in an alternative placement. Are you ready?…

Emily Chisek
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Do you want to work on life skills in your classroom? Are you looking for hands-on special education life skills activities that your students will love? If so, you've come to the right place. Because today, I'm sharing my top 10 life skills activities that you can do in your classroom. 1. Washing Hands One

Christi Humphrey
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My students all arrive at different times in the morning, which makes it very difficult to teach a class before their breakfast is served. For the past 2 year I have been having the students write a morning message, since it can be done in their own time as they arrive. It contains the date, the weather, what we plan to do that day and than a note on what we will be doing tomorrow. I am not sure how much my students are really gaining from this, so I have decided to put together morning…

Diane Kusinski