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Learn how to create beautiful art using different line techniques. Explore our top lessons and tips to improve your line drawing skills and take your art to the next level.
Free:  Ande Cook's Expressive and Directional Line handout.  With a complete sub lesson too! Line Art Lessons High School, Substitute Art Lessons High School, Drawing Lesson Plans, Expressive Line Art, High School Art Worksheets, Lines Worksheet, Expressive Lines, Line Art Lesson, Freetime Activities

Here is another sample page from Ande Cook that was sent out with SchoolArts magazine several years ago. The page "Expressive Line" challenges students to imagine everything a line can do. I wrote up a brief sub lesson for this worksheet explaining everything the teacher should do to help students understand this exercise. Here is Ande Cook's book Art Starters that a lot of these worksheets from SchoolArts are originally from.

No Corner Suns
Vocal exploration of melodic contour.... perhaps use Educreations app as "template" to let the kids record the sounds each line makes.

I am working on some quick assessment sheets for key concepts in art class. I came across this famous lines handout from The Bees Knees Cousin. I’m also not too big on worksheets and we rare…

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Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Teaching Line with Larry the Line! Elementary Art, Art Education, Pre K, Elementary School Art, Elementary Art Projects, Teaching Art, School Art Projects, Art Lessons Elementary, Childrens Art

Hi, friends! Well, it's been one of those Wild -n- Crazy art teacherin' weeks and I didn't manage to snap a single What the Art Teacher Wore photo (tho, if you follow me here, you'll see what I'm wearin', what I'm making and what's goin' down in the art room, daily). However, if YOU did, please be sure to send it my way at for the What the Art Teacher Wore/Back to Art Teacherin' Contest! You're good-looking face will not only be featured here but, if chosen, also in…

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