Liquid nitrogen

Explore the fascinating world of liquid nitrogen and its diverse applications. From freezing treats to creating impressive science experiments, unleash your creativity with liquid nitrogen.
Protected By Science My hand is like a red-hot poker to the liquid nitrogen, but an insulating layer of nitrogen gas forms- a phenomenon known as the Leiden-frost effect- keeping my hand safe and warm for a fraction of a second.   Mike Walker Liquid Nitrogen, Science Geek, Boiling Point, Physicists, Gray Matters, Popular Science, Mad Scientist, New Skin, Matter

When I first saw this photograph of a man's hand submerged in liquid nitrogen at somewhere below -320° F, my immediate thought was, "That guy must be crazy! One second in that stuff, and you're shopping for new skin!" My shock was tempered only slightly by the fact that it was my hand, and we'd taken the picture just a minute earlier.

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Liquid Nitrogen and Ice Cream Recipe Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, Shoot Moodboard, Ice Cream Photography, Liquid Nitrogen, Radisson Blu, Food Lab, Dry Ice, Cream Aesthetic, Ice Cream Recipe

PREP TIME 3 minutes COOK TIME 5 minutes SERVES 5 INGREDIENTS 500ml Ashgrove cream 160g white sugar 1 cup Ashgrove milk 2 shots coffee Liquid nitrogen METHOD Step 1 Add cream, sugar, milk and coffee to a bowl and whisk together well. Step 2 Once whisked together, gradually add a

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