Liquor storage

Maximize your home bar space with these creative liquor storage ideas. Find stylish and functional ways to organize and display your collection, making it easy to find your favorite spirits.
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The pantry is one of the most popular spots in the house—it can be used for storing dried goods, excess serveware, snacks, and more. If you're planning a pantry renovation to optimize the space, consider using these interior designer-approved ideas for inspiration.

Karen Phayer
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From wine glasses to scotch bottles, some homes are designed for entertaining guests, hosting dinner parties and holiday celebrations. And with those types of festivities comes the mixing of cocktails and pouring of classic red wines. If your house needs a nook for displaying, storing and organizing your wine and liquor collection, look no further. We've got the tips and tricks to you get started on your journey to pausing the clutter and designing your bar area with chic style in mind.

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