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Richard Müller: Artist and German Visionary - Print Magazine Croquis, Art, Degenerate Art, Weird Art, Artist, Fantasy, Art Academy, Art Reference, Drawing & Painting

Symbolism, surrealism, and romanticism play a role in the work of artist Richard Müller (1874-1954). He was an interwar artist whose bizarre visions toed the line between German realism and what the Nazis called degenerate art. It was certainly strange art but consistent with what was going on during the Weimar period. I became aware of his work decades ago when my own penchant for the grotesque was tickled by Alfred Kubin and Max Klinger, among others and Marshall Arisman ci

Blocks and Stones May Break My Bones: Asphaltum Lithography Print Diy, Art, Stones, Woodcut, Drypoint, Etching, Paper Art, Lithography, Lithography Prints

After the MAPC conference and Michael Barnes's demonstration on asphaltum reduction lithography I was itching to try it out. As soon as I had all the materials and a base rolled out on the stone I began work on an image. It took a little longer than I expected, mostly because it acted like a mezzotint, in that I thought I had a clean, white area only to go back to it the next day and have to "brighten" it back up. Not to mention all those damn little curls. The (upside down!) stone on the…

Deny Ramos