Local food logo

Make a lasting impression with a unique and creative local food logo design. Stand out from the competition and attract customers with a logo that represents your brand and values.
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Tami Mitchell
Another logo in a circle. This seems to be a common theme for farmers' markets. Farmers Market Logo, Farm Logo Design, Local Business Marketing, Logos Vintage, Mailer Design, Rick Y Morty, Farm Logo, Local Farmers Market, Logo Vintage

Food, Glorious (Local) Food

Later this morning--at 10 a.m.--the Indoor Farmers' Market at Christ Church will open for the last time this season. During the course of next week, the Department of Public Works will be busy painting the big orange carrots on the street, marking the way to Sixth and Columbia streets, because next Saturday, May 5, the outdoor Hudson Farmers' Market returns for its six-month run, through the spring and summer and into the fall. This year the Hudson Farmers' Market is celebrating its…

Marwan Mohamed