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Discover a wide range of unique and stylish local jewelry pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Support local artisans and find the perfect accessory to enhance your style.
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Today's Jewelry Collection Story comes from jewelry collector & maker, Aleda of Always Aleda. I have so many pieces from her - a handmade chain that I wear endlessly, I sent her all my charms and she made me a charm bracelet (which was a fun project) and lots of gems made into pendants. She

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Vintage fashion screams unique from the soles of those oxfords to the frames of those 1950s glasses. If you love shopping thrift stores and vintage shops for cool fashion pieces, you’re going to love these 23 vintage runway styles waiting for you at your local Goodwill! 23 Vintage Runway Styles Waiting for You at Goodwill 1.Love everything about this cool casual outfit. Especially the horse shirt and the amazing mom jeans! 2. If you’re lucky, you can find sweet vintage shoes like these here…

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