Logans roadhouse rolls recipe

Recreate the famous Logans Roadhouse rolls at home with this delicious copycat recipe. Learn how to make soft and fluffy rolls that are perfect for any meal.
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I have been making this delicious roll for around a few years. And during that time, I never got bored having it with honey and cinnamon butter. The ingredients I have used are fresh and authentic as well as available in the nearest market. The methods I applied are so much easier and fast to prepare. You don't even need any break makers to make it perfect.

Janet Barile
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Do you ever wish that you could have homemade rolls anytime you'd like at home? That's where my Made-From-Scratch Yeast Rolls - Logan's Roadhouse Recipe comes into play. My recipe makes the best rolls that are super fluffy, tasty, and HUGE! They are perfect for sopping up the gravy from your latest roast or delicious enough on their own with honey and butter. In whatever way you would like to indulge, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Barbara Redwine