Long division strategies

Master the art of long division with these effective strategies. Explore top tips and techniques to simplify complex division problems and improve your math skills.
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Grab this FREE set of student resource pages! They are perfect for your math interactive notebook! The pages will show your students step by step how to solve division problems using each of the 4 strategies: area models, partial quotients, short division, and long division!

Lindsey Miller
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Long division can be such an exhausting unit. We oftentimes use colors and single-step instruction to break down this important skill. Yet, students continue to struggle with remembering all steps. I've had countless students remember the first step and become at a loss for how to move forward. Listed below are three proven methods to help all students divide successfully. MNEMONIC DEVICES To help student proceed past the first division I have used mnemonic devices. These little phrases will…

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