Long haired cats

Discover the world of beautiful long haired cats and find inspiration for your feline companion. Learn about grooming tips, different breeds, and how to create a cozy environment for your long haired cat.
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All About Cats With Blue Eyes

Visit "ZooAwesome.com" for amazing cat facts & pet cat care tips if you're a cat lover or cat mom/cat dad of a baby cat. Are you ever fascinated by cats with blue eyes? Does your heart also melt looking at those cute aesthetic fluffy kittens? Blue feline eyes can be found in many colors cats- black, white, grey, brown, orange, ginger, or cat breeds like ragdoll, mainecoon, Persian, Himalaya, calico, Bengal, siamese, sphynx, tabby, making them all gorgeous.

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Pretty Black Long Haired Cat

Front Cattery at Heartland Humane Society -- Yes, I do volunteer at Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis, Oregon USA. A long time ago, when I was about 7 years old and first learned what the word meant, I decided I would like to be a philanthropist. However, I am indigent, and those two don't go together very well. I decided I could donate my photos of the cats and some of the dogs at Heartland Humane Society for free (only to them, not to just anybody) for them to put on their web site…

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