Lotus flowers

Enhance the beauty of your garden with stunning lotus flowers. Explore top ideas to create a serene and enchanting outdoor space that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.
Water Lily | Is this a water lily or lotus flower? I've been… | Flickr Bury Fc, Inspiration, Water Lilies, Amazing Flowers, In Nature, Bury, Lotus Wallpaper, Lotus Flower, Lotus Flower Pictures

Is this a water lily or lotus flower? I've been told that it's both, but whatever. I tried to HDR this but I don't think flowers look great when it's HDRed since they are such delicate in nature. Hawaii trip is canceled so I won't be able to go *sad face* but it's ok, I'll go back again the near future, thanks Ryan for trying to make my trip happen! Midterms - I have TWO of them. I withdrew myself from tonight's event so I can study for m midterm - very proud of myself. Now, I must disappear…