Low Calorie Dessert

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these mouthwatering low calorie dessert recipes. Discover guilt-free treats that are both delicious and waistline-friendly. Try them now and treat yourself without the guilt!
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This low calorie, gluten-free vegan edible cookie dough recipe is easy to make and delicious. Just 106 calories per serving (1/8 cup, equal to 2 cookies) you can enjoy this no bake cookie dough without hurting your diet.Special Tip: Make sure to choose vegan chocolate chips if you are vegan or making this for a vegan... Regular chocolate chips have dairy in them.

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As registered dietitians, one of our biggest Instagram requests is for healthy, low-calorie desserts that feel like a splurge; people want to stop overeating due to feelings of deprivation from sweets, and these easy-to-make recipes are the 7 best weight loss desserts to do the trick. These desserts each

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