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Discover a variety of mouthwatering low calorie side dish recipes that are both delicious and nutritious. Add a healthy twist to your meals with these flavorful options.
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Ranch Seasoned Potato Wedges {JUST 52 CALORIES}

These ranch seasoned potatoes wedges are just 52 calories per cup (1 large or 2 small potatoes per serving) and so easy to make!Though we do call for homemade ranch seasoning (trust me on this, you probably already have all the ingredients!) you can use store-bought as well. In fact, higher in the article you'll find a store-bought salt free ranch that is all natural and super yummy.These seasoned ranch potatoes are a fantastic side dish, and only require 3 ingredients!

Michelle Radja
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Skinny Garlic Parmesan Mashed Red Potatoes - FIXED on FRESH

A lighter version of a classic side dish, skinny garlic parmesan mashed red potatoes are made with broth instead of cream, and loaded with flavor using galric and parmesan.

Erin Dayle
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Low Fat Broccoli Gratin - Eat. Drink. Love.

Low Fat Broccoli Gratin - a lower fat alternative to potatoes for the holidays. Fresh and tender broccoli baked in a light cheese sauce!

Victoria Kitchens Hill
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Low Calorie Coleslaw - Lose Weight By Eating

This Low Calorie Cole Slaw is just 27 calories per 1/2 cup and has no mayonnaise thanks to the combination of greek yogurt and dijon mustard.I knwoyou'll love this healthy Cole slaw recipe! It's low calorie, low carb, and great alone or on sandwiches. Special Tip: You will find the "Cole slaw mix" in the refrigerated bagged salad section of the grocery store.

Lauren Smego