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Learn how to be a supportive and loving girlfriend to your Marine. Discover tips and advice to strengthen your relationship and navigate the challenges of military life together.
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When I first started dating my husband you would not believe the stories I thought were true. I didn't know any better and chose to believe what others told me. While this was very dumb of me at the time, I've learned quite a bit over the years. I hope after reading this post you will not make the same mistakes I did! 1. "You can visit your boyfriend/girlfriend anytime you would like." You may have paid for a flight a month in advance to go visit, but the military can still say no. Believe…

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USMC licensing # 23093 Navy licensing # HOB-NTLPO-MILCR01 Our military nametape bows are the perfect handcrafted hair accessory for any military occasion. Whether its graduation, homecoming, retirement ceremony or even family photos. Support your military member by adding a touch of patriotism. || Hair bow measurements and specs: || - Approximately 4" Wide - Made with 100% authentic military nametape & fabric - Name will come standard in all capital letters - Machine embroidered - No two…

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--I'd rather be kissing than missing my marine --This bed is lonely without you here, missing my marine. --Half of my heart is in ______ --The marines my have my boyfriend, but I have his heart. --It may say US Marines over his heart, but it belongs to me. --No matter how many pillows I pile the bed with, it's so empty without him. Missing my deployed Marine. --A Marine's girl fights her hardest battle when she kisses her marine goodbye. --Missing you gets easier everyday, because it brings…

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