Martin luther king

Explore the inspiring life and legacy of Martin Luther King through his powerful quotes and significant contributions to the civil rights movement. Join us in honoring his memory and continuing the fight for equality.
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The life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the nation’s “drum major for justice,” will be celebrated in person, virtually and on television during the annual national holiday Monday, Jan. 17.

Charmaine Shelley
MLK Day – Just an Extra Holiday? Coretta Scott King, Theodore Roosevelt, Luther, Malcolm X, Martin Luther, Martin Lutero, Martin Luther King, Martin Luther King Day, Martin Luther King Jr

When I moved to New York over a decade ago, there was an “extra” holiday I had received at work that my prior company in the Midwest didn’t grant. It was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day), and I had assumed it was just to remember a man who fought for the civil rights

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