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Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Mass Effect 2. Join Commander Shepard on a mission to save the galaxy from imminent danger. Explore new planets, recruit a diverse team, and make choices that will shape the fate of humanity.
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The Normandy SR-2 is a starship that serves as Commander Shepard's base of operations following the destruction of the SSV Normandy. The Normandy SR-2 first enters service in 2185, and serves as the "successor" to the SR-1. The Illusive Man had Cerberus build the SR-2 for the newly-revived Commander Shepard's team to aid them in their mission to stop the Collectors' galaxy-wide campaign of human abductions. The ship serves as the headquarters of the Lazarus Cell. Constructed at great and…

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Fans are anxiously waiting for the 2021 release of the trilogy remaster and more details of the rumored 'Mass Effect 4'. But how do you scratch that action-RPG story-rich itch? Give these games a try if you're a fan of the 'Mass Effect' series!

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