Metal Stamping

Discover unique metal stamping techniques and designs to add a personal touch to your crafts. Get inspired and start creating beautiful and customized jewelry, home decor, and more with metal stamping.
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How to Stamp on Metal (and what not to do) - The Creative Mom

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ImpressArt Inspiration Gallery – Hand-Stamped Projects

ImpressArt’s Inspiration Gallery has a variety of metal stamped projects to spark your creativity. Learn from our step by steps instructions, watch project videos, and shop for everything you need to make each hand-stamped project.

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Master the basics of hand stamping through ImpressArt's progressive, 3-level series of project-based tutorials. Whether you aspire to hand stamp as a hobby, to create meaningful gifts, or to become a creative entrepreneur, our School of Stamping Tutorials will teach you the skills to make a variety of personalized jewelry and keepsakes.

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