Metal tape art

Discover the beauty of metal tape art and explore unique and creative ideas to incorporate this artistic technique into your home decor. Let your imagination run wild with these inspiring metal tape art projects.
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Ever see a craft online that you just HAVE to try right now? That was the case when my friend Renee sent me this video on using metal tape for mixed media scrapbooking art: [video link] And in case you can't watch that where you are, here's Rachel's finished product: SO COOL. The best part is all you really need is metal tape, something to put it on, and a little craft paint - so you might already have everything you need in the garage, like I did: I decided to test this out on a little…

Embossing using aluminum foil tape, a rolling pin, and various templates. Metal, Crafts, Cartonnage, Aluminum Crafts, Aluminum Foil Crafts, Aluminum Foil Art, Diy Metal, Metals, Metal Embossing

O.k...since I got some of the pressure off my veggie explosion I had time to work on the alternatives I mentioned in the original post about the Faux Embossed Aluminum & AI. I know not alot of people care to spend the money on punchies or die-cut systems, especially during these tough financial times so I tried to think up a few alternatives so EVERYONE can play along :) Here is what I came up with.... Faux Embossed Aluminum & Alcohol Ink Alternative #1 The first example employs a Cuttlebug…

Kathleen Murphy