Metamorphic rocks examples

Explore the beauty and diversity of metamorphic rocks with these fascinating examples. Discover how these rocks are formed and the unique characteristics they possess. Nature, Igneous Rock, Geology Rocks, Rocks And Minerals, Igneous, Metamorphic Rocks Examples, Volcanic Rock, Sedimentary Rocks, Rock Minerals

Igneous rocks are one of three main rock types, formed when magma or lava cool & solidify. Because this process can happen many different ways, igneous rocks can look very different. Igneous rocks can differ in size, shape, distribution of mineral grains, color, etc. Here's an image of some different kinds of igneous rocks and their classifications.

Gneiss (Joshimath Formation ... Rock Types, Different Types Of Rocks, Red Crystals, Metamorphic Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks Examples, Light In The Dark, Rock Formations, Impact Event, Rocks And Minerals

Gneiss from the Precambrian of India. (~11.4 centimeters across at its widest) Metamorphic rocks result from intense alteration of any previously existing rocks by heat and/or pressure and/or chemical change. This can happen as a result of regional metamorphism (large-scale tectonic events, such as continental collision or subduction), burial metamorphism (super-deep burial), contact metamorphism (by the heat & chemicals from nearby magma or lava), hydrothermal metamorphism (by superheated…

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