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Gain valuable design insights from Michael Bierut, a renowned graphic designer. Explore his work, philosophy, and learn how to elevate your design skills.
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One of the most famous posters designed over many years by Michael Bierut for the Architectural League of New York. The designer has written about this particular work in “Credit Line Goes Here”, a post on Design Observer which subsequently appeared in the anthology Seventy-n

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After 18 years of designing posters for the Yale School of Architecture, Pentagram partner Michael Bierut is taking a different tack. Originally the project aimed to mirror the architectural approach of the previous dean, Robert Stern, who Michael says “was against the idea of a single ideology, and was known for his attention to context.” This made for a hugely varied series with no consistent typeface where the only constant was that they were black ink on white paper. “The whole thing was…

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In a few days How to, the long overdue monograph of work by Michael Bierut (an AIGA Medalist, frequent AIGA Design Conference speaker, AIGA Gala host—basically all-round AIGA bff and designer extraordinaire) will be published by Harper Design. In the 300+ pages, Bierut reveals his process and design

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