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Today's the day, folks! A couple of weeks ago, I promised I would teach you how to do micro macrame and I'm here to do just that. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you obviously missed this post, but it's okay! You can still join in whenever you are ready. If you did catch that post, you should have the supplies and materials all ready to go for this project. Here's how it works. I've prepared a video lesson to walk you through the steps required to make the pendant shown above. In…

Lynn Gardner
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We had a blizzard this week! We got over 11" of snow that blew into drifts over 4' tall at my house. It made getting to work (or anywhere else, for that matter) impossible and resulted in a... wait for it... SNOW DAY! I was perfectly content to stay in and watch movies while working on micro macrame bracelets. I caught up on the 2016 remake of War and Peace and watched Dr. Zhivago and got three bracelets mostly finished and another one started! The bracelets I made all have the same beads…

Leidy Lundeen